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Using the wisdom from his professional sports career and from meeting some of the top minds in sports and business, Eric Wood helps others achieve success through motivation, preparation, and gaining confidence.

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Meet Eric Wood

Eric Wood is a former American football player that achieved success in the NFL. Eric played his entire NFL career as the center for the Buffalo Bills where he was a first-round draft pick, two-time Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee, and a pro bowler.

In 2018, a neck injury forced Eric to withdraw from professional football, propelling him into the next chapter of his life. With much left to give to the sport, Eric took his experience to the media world through broadcasting, podcasting, and speaking.

Eric now uses what he learned from his years on and off the field to help others. His knowledge stems from working with world-class coaches, his own transitions, and meeting some of the greatest minds in sports, business, and psychology.

With this cumulative knowledge and his ever-present work ethic, Eric has become a master motivator, which he does through speaking, podcasting, and his upcoming book.

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Eric Wood’s new book Tackle What's Next: Own Your Story, Stack Wins, and Achieve Your Goals in Business and Life comes out on October 11, 2022! This book gives you the power to transform the next chapter of your life into the best one yet through Eric’s life lessons and advice. You can Pre-order now!

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