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Helping Sports Teams and Athletes Prepare for Success

As a former high school, college, and professional athlete, Eric has the ability to relate to any player, no matter where they’re at in their career. With this connection, Eric is able to motivate and mentor athletes in ways that often translate to success in both life and sports.

Eric often credits his success to those who have spoken confidence and motivation into him and prides himself in being that motivator for the next generation of athletes. Listeners are often left inspired, energized, and ready for the next challenge of their sports career. The topics Eric discusses can range from:

  • Challenging yourself outside your comfort zone
  • How to be a leader on the field
  • Cultivating habits that lead to success
  • Training your body and your mind
  • Using competitiveness to advance to the next level
  • Thinking bigger to find your highest potential
  • Partnering with your community for a greater cause
  • Harboring gratitude
  • & More
The key is not the will to win. It is the will to prepare to win that is important.
Bobby Knight
Bobby Knight
Former NCAA basketball coach
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