Eric Wood Announces Partnership with Dan-O’s Seasoning

Eric Wood is pleased to announce a new partnership with Dan-O’s Seasoning, a food product manufacturer from Louisville, KY. With the partnership, Eric has taken a role in the company as an investor, business partner, and media personality to operate alongside Dan-O and his team.

Eric first learned about the company in his “adopted hometown” of Louisville, KY., the city where Eric played college football and eventually settled down. It’s in this city where Dan-O’s Seasoning is headquartered and is a staple in its social and culinary scenes.

Dan-O’s Seasoning has been in operation since 2017, and in the early years, had some success as a regional product. Then, over the last few years, the company has hit its stride, experiencing exponential growth, and is on a trajectory to launch nationwide through several key retailers.

After learning more about the company and hosting its founder Dan Oliver on his podcast, Eric got acquainted with Dan and the Dan-O’s leadership team, which eventually inspired his discussions with the company as a business partner.

“What drew me to Dan-O’s initially was the leadership and the work ethic. And for me, this is an incredible product – it aligns perfectly with this health and wellness journey that I’ve been on, trying to transition from NFL offensive lineman to a normal life,” mentioned Eric in a recent interview with the Dan-O’s team.

In response, Dan mentioned “we’re super excited about having Eric as a strategic partner. We can’t wait to put our foot on the gas with Eric and see how fast we can go.”

Dan elaborated that Eric has been the only business partner his company has recently taken on out of many qualified applicants. He mentioned Eric shares many of the core values that Dan-O’s holds, making him a perfect fit for his unique role in the company.

To learn more about Dan-O’s Seasoning, you can visit their company website or listen to its founder Dan Oliver’s episode on Eric’s podcast, What’s Next with Eric Wood.

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